Snow Removal in Cincinnati and Louisville

At Retreat Outdoor Living, we do more than just design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces. We also provide Snow Removal services for when the outside may seem unbearable. Available in both Cincinnati and Louisville, we’ll help you maintain a safe outside area.

Snow Plowing
Ice Control Applications
Sidewalk Clearing
Snow Removal/Hauling
Immediate Billing
24/7 Communication With An Experienced Team

Elite – Complete protection 24/7 with lump-sum, seasonal pricing. This service is our highest priority service. Ideal for high traffic areas such as: hospitals, industrial parks, shopping centers, schools, etc.

Committed – Priority coverage that carries a monthly ready fee.

Economy – Lower priority. Service as available. Service billed on an hourly and material basis. This service may carry long delays during heavy snowstorms.

All Terrain Vehicles with Plows / Salters
Pickup Trucks with Plows / Salters
Large Dump Trucks with Plows / Salters
Front-end Loaders
Skid Steers
Commercial Snow Blowers
Commercial Grade Salters

Contact us today if you’re interested in any of our Snow Removal services.